In the implementation of developments intended for multi-tenant leasing, a prerequisite for achieving the intended business effect is to conduct professional Tenant Coordination. Tenant Coordination begins long before the tenants start work on the site.

Our experienced Coordinators offer to perform for you at the highest level such services as:

  • Consulting in the course of negotiation of tenants’ contracts both technically and in terms of costs
  • Coordinating the preparation of technical annexes to lease agreements
  • Managing the process of flow of tenant project documentation
  • Handing over and receiving the lease space
  • Supervision of the progress of tenants’ work and preparation of premises for use
  • Coordinating the activities of the Investor, Designer, General Contractor and contractors of individual Tenants.

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Our projects


Construction of office building

2018 – 2019 Coordination of Tenant Works Supervision of fit-out works by I


Construction of STOP SHOP retail park

2019 – 2022 Project Management Investor Supervision Conducting the bidding