When embarking on construction intentions, we often do not realize the multitude of issues that will fall on our shoulders during the construction process. We have to grapple with decision-making from the design stage all the way to obtaining a building permit. AMP Partners, however, can help with this, thanks to its Substitute Investor service.

As part of the above service, we offer:

  • Controls of costs and timeliness of the execution of works
  • Monitoring, inspection and supervision of the progress of work and quality of works
  • Coordination of formal and administrative matters
  • Providing Project Participants with design and technical information
  • Participation in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for additional services ordered by the Investor as part of the Project implementation
  • Enforcement and verification of as-built documentation
  • Organizing the process of obtaining an occupancy permit

What do you gain?

By hiring a Substitute Investor, you do not have to be directly involved in the construction process. AMP Partners will take care of all the necessary duties, which will allow you to carry out the process smoothly and implement the Project on time, in accordance with the adopted assumptions.

Do you have questions or need help with an offer?

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