We can distinguish several building certification systems, including the American LEED, the British BREEAM and the Polish “GREEN HOUSE” issued by the Polish Green Building Association. They promote environmentally friendly solutions, including rational resource management in construction, water conservation, energy efficiency, material selection and microclimate quality.

BREEAM, LEED, “GREEN HOUSE” certification influences:

  • Achieving lower operating costs
  • Reducing energy consumption for heating, lighting and cooling purposes
  • Increasing the value of the building in the eyes of tenants, users
  • Positive corporate image

LEED and BREEAM are an ideal tool for measuring sustainability, which is why we offer you comprehensive services for LEED and BREEAM certification from the initial phase through to the construction and commissioning of the building. The services we offer are carried out by qualified individuals with BREEAM and LEED expert titles.


A Building Energy Performance Certificate is a document that determines the quality of a building or premises in terms of the energy it consumes. Energy consumption is one of the key creative cost factors in the operation of buildings. This document is mandatory for any owner or manager of a building or premises who wishes to sell or rent it.


AMP Partners has in its offer a service to conduct energy audits. These audits, according to the Law on Energy Efficiency, should be performed every 4 years and are mandatory for large companies.

An energy audit includes:

  • an assessment of the existing state of energy use in a given facility
  • an economic-energy analysis of improvements in the building, along with the selection of the optimal scope of modernization work

Each of the mentioned certificates and documents on the energy used in the building is prepared by people with extensive experience. AMP Partners employees have the necessary training and are registered in the central Register of Authorized Persons.

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