We offer you the development of technical opinions by our specialists on:

  • checking individual building elements,
  • checking of entire building objects,
  • determining the causes and phenomena or events leading to the current technical condition of buildings and construction object

We also offer the performance of building expert opinions, which are studies of a broader scope than technical opinions. An expert opinion includes, in addition to an in-depth analysis of the causes of a given phenomenon/event, the development of variants of technology and the scope of works necessary to be carried out to repair an element/object or restore it to the expected state.

The documents developed by us will allow to indentify the causes of the phenomena and situations related to the construction or operation of the object.


Construction objects, in accordance with applicable law, should be subjected to periodic inspection during their use (with the exception of single-family residential buildings and homestead and holiday buildings).

We offer comprehensive services for facilities related to periodic inspections of the technical condition of buildings, together with the maintenance of the Building Object Book required by law, by our employees who have the required building licenses in the relevant specialties.


This service is intended for those who are asking themselves whether an object is suitable for its intended future purpose and what size of capital expenditures will be required to adapt the object to its planned use.

As part of the development of the Due Diligance report, we offer, among other things:

  • verification of the technical documentation of the facility
  • verification of formal and legal documentation of the facility
  • identification of deficiencies in the object’s documentation
  • identification of any inconsistencies related to the object documentation (the building and its installations) with the project documentation and current legal requirements
  • identification of any formal and legal steps necessary to be carried out in connection with the planned use of the object
  • estimation of the time and cost necessary to adapt the object to a condition consistent with the planned use

Thanks to AMP Partners you will make a comprehensive assessment of the technical and formal-legal condition of the facility and its surroundings.

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