One of the many factors influencing the success and rapid implementation of the Investment is the selection of contractors and subcontractors for the works. Our company has extensive experience in conducting tenders for smaller and larger Investments.

As part of this service:

  • we establish the conditions for joining tenders
  • prepare a list of bidders
  • we create the tender form
  • we compare offers from individual bidders
  • we conduct negotiations with potential contractors
  • we analyze the offers and recommend the contractor to the client
  • we support the client in finalizing the Contract

Thanks to AMP Partners you will carry out tender procedures without any problems and receive the necessary support in selecting the General Contractor or contractors for individual works.


Accurate estimation of the investment costs is always a key element affecting the decision on the implementation of the investment. Also, at the stage of execution of construction works, one of the most important tools of investment supervision is effective control of all costs.

The Investment Cost Management services we offer include:

  • Development of investment budgets and multi-discipline investor cost estimates,
  • Verification of design solutions in terms of cost optimization (Value engineering),
  • Ongoing control of construction costs and billing of work contractors,
  • Supporting Investors in price negotiations with works contractors,
  • Verification and settlement of abandoned / additional / replacement works.

AMP Partners comprehensively manages costs, giving confidence to Investors that their planned and ongoing construction investments will not came up against any unexpected costs increases or other unforeseen costs.

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