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Technical Supervision

AMP Partners offer service Technical Supervision, which exercises control over the course of the construction, not only to the extent necessary to meet the requirements of construction law but extended with full control of the quality and timeliness of work, the correctness of the work performed, the materials and technology in order to fully safeguard the interests of the investor on site.

We provide the ability to act as Technical Supervision in the following industries:

  • Civil engineering, construction
  • Architectural
  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Sanitary (water and sewage, gas, HVAC)
  • Electricity and telecommunication

The AMP Partners Team of Supervision Inspectors provides care, the highest quality of workmanship and the conformity of the investment realization with the approved design documentation.

H&S Supervision

With a view to the requirements of customers regarding the implementation of the strategic tasks of Investment to ensure care for the safety of employees, third parties, property and respect for the environment - we offer an additional independent health&safety inspector

The inspector / health &safety coordinator is the person on site responsible for supervision the work being performed in accordance with applicable health& safety requirements and the customer standards. The health & safety inspector also performs initial and periodic training, compile and update a risk assessment, creates safety instructions, health and safety audits in the company.

Our inspectors have adequate knowledge and experience and are active members of the Polish National Associations of H & S servant.