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Technical analysis

We offer development by our experts technical opinion on the expertise of individual building elements, verification of entire buildings, to determine the causes of the matter related to the technical condition of buildings and structures. Documents that we prepare will allow to decide on the causes of occurred problems related to the construction or operation of the facility.

We also provide expertise to the construction, which is compilation with wider scope than technical opinions. Expertise includes in addition to the deep analysis of the causes of the problems also develop variants of the technology and the scope of work needed to be done to repair the item / object or restore it to the desired state. We offer expertise developed by specialists and court experts in the areas concerned.

Technical inspection of buildings

Obiekty budowlane zgodnie z obowiązującym prawem, powinny być w czasie ich użytkowania poddawane okresowej kontroli (za wyjątkiem budynków mieszkalnych jednorodzinnych i obiektów budownictwa zagrodowego i letniskowego).

  • For buildings with a floor area of over 2,000 m2 and / or objects with the roof area over 1000 m2 - inspections should be carried out not less than twice a year
  • For other buildings - inspections should be performed at least once a year

Technical inspection should include checking the technical condition:

  • building components, structures and systems exposed to the harmful and destructive influence of atmospheric factors occurring during the use of the building
  • installations and equipment for environmental protection
  • gas installations and chimney line (smoke, combustion and ventilation)

In addition, once every 5 years is necessary to assess the technical condition and suitability for use of a building, the aesthetics of a building and its surroundings; this control should be also covered by the study of electrical and lightning protection in the state of efficiency of connections, fittings, and security measures to protect against electric shock, insulation resistance of cables and earthing system and apparatus.

We offer full service facilities associated with carrying out periodic inspections of the technical state of buildings and conduct required by law Books Facility Construction by our employees with the required building qualifications in the relevant specialties.

Due Diligance Reports

Due Diligence Report is a comprehensive assessment of the technical and the legal and formal object (building, structure, building plot) and its surroundings maid assessing whether the facility meets the client’s expectations (Investor, Buyer, Owner, User) associated with the planned investment project.

This means that the result of the DD report, you can get the answer to the question of whether the object is suitable for intended him for the future and what possible investment will be necessary to be incurred in order to bring the object to the intended destination?

As part of the development of Due Diligence report we offer:

  • verification of the technical documentation of the object
  • verification of formal and legal documentation of the object
  • identify gaps in documentation object
  • Identify any non-compliance of the object (building with located at the plant) project documentation and current legal requirements
  • identifying any formal steps - necessary legal to perform in connection with their intended object
  • estimate the time and cost necessary to adapt the facility to the state in accordance with the intended use