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Project documentation

AMP Partners Sp. z o.o. Company offers preparation of conceptual, structural, tender and detailed design along with the building permit.

  • By conceptual design, we understand:
    • site development planning, object localisation, roads, connections and installations
    • architectural and structure layouts and sections
    • multidisciplinary technical descriptions to the conceptual design with propositions of solutions and materials standard

    After acceptation conceptual design, which is approval of architectural sections, schemes of electrical installations and water-sewage systems, we take care about legal aspects.

  • Building design

    AMP Partners offers the development of the building design, which will contain the information needed to obtain a building permit, according to the polish building law.

    In the project will be included:

    • Land development plan
      • Architecture
        • Land use
        • Water and sewage systems, electrical (power and lighting) in connection with the construction of the objects
      • Roads
        • Road infrastructure (conventions, approaches and driveways)
        • Dehydrating roads and squares

        AMP Partners on behalf of the customer applies for the necessary agreements, decisions and documents required to obtain a decision on building permit.

        • Application for ZUDP agreement
        • Obtaining the experts opinion and agreement in the field of fire protection, sanitary, health & safety
        • Obtaining formal/legal arrangements
    • The architectural – structure design
      • Architecture
        • Layouts
        • Drawings of sections and facades
      • Structure
        • Drawings of foundations
        • The necessary calculations with the results of statics
      • Electrical Industry
        • Installation of power and lighting inside and outside the facility
        • Installation of equalization and lightning protection
        • Installation of access control, IT, fire alarm system
      • Sanitary Industry
        • installation of water and sewage, rainwater, heating, ventilation (mechanical or gravitational) and the hydrant

    After approval of the building design by the Investor, AMP Partners submits the documentation with the application for a building permit to the appropriate office. We will monitor the course of the administrative process, until the final decision on the building permit is obtained.

  • Tender-detailed design

    AMP Partners offers preparation of detailed-tender documentation, which will meet all the requirements of the investor and the design standards in a clear and unequivocal. We also prepare requests for proposals for the execution of construction works by the General Contractor.

    Tender-executive project included:

    • Land development plan
    • Layouts, sections, elevations - drawings made for the scale of 1:100 with the necessary dimensions, functions, comments and details of connections.
    • Descriptions along with functions rooms, standards of finish and material specification.
    • Specifications of works.
    • All drawings coordination related to architecture, construction, electrical installation and sanitary.

    Prepared documentation will be sent to potential bidders in order to prepare works tenders to the valuation of construction works.

    AMP Partners will provide support, the aim of which will be in contact with the General Contractor to answer questions and explanations relating to design solutions.