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Deputy Investor

Our projects are realized on time that is subordinate to efficiently provide structural system, which is a possible thanks to our high qualified engineers. Technical supervision investment process inflects on building process and later on using building. Investor does not have to be directly involved to building process. He can entail his duties on Deputy Investor. He is obligated to develop construction project, to get planning permission and permit of using.

Providing our services as deputy investor to our duties will belong:

  • Cost control, it means
    • Budget verifying
    • Develop and implicate on site cost management
    • Control of construction works contracts in terms of costs, ie .: manage costs during the works, including current costs supervision, calculating additional works and abandoned works, approving contractor’s works and paymentrequests, giving opinions about invoices
    • Management of design changes affecting the changes in costs, including
      • analysis and evaluation of requests for additional work and parts works reported by Investor and present them for acceptation to the Investor
      • analysis and evaluation of requests for additional work, parts and abandoned works reported by the designer or contractors
    • Recommendation to the Investor to accept or reject requests for additional / abandoned works with justification recommended level of costs
    • opinions about the proposals of changing the way of works, including changes to materials from the point of view of the impact of changes in the costs of construction
  • Control of timely execution of the works on compliance of the process of the construction of the current construction schedule
  • Participation and conduct coordination meetings on site and participation in committee work related to the construction. Verification of compliance with the terms of the investment agreement with GC (General Contractor). Reasoning to the Investor for the imposition of penalties on the General Contractor, in cases that require. Inspection of work progress and confirmation of monthly invoices: Client’s designer and General Contractor, taking into account the findings contained in the Agreements and submitting them to the Investor for approval and payment
  • Preparation written reports on the progress of work related to the construction along with the substantive and financial progress of works and the advancement of the schedule
  • Conducting coordination meetings on site min. once a week, participation in any further organized meetings and conferences. Maintaining and archiving relevant minutes of meetings
  • Developing applications for additional and parts works reported by the Customer, taking into account the cost analysis of the changes and their impact on the approved budget investment
  • Quality control of accomplished work
  • Making inspections of construction, in all branches, depending on the needs of each stage of construction:
    • Check if there is proper supervision by the General Contractor
    • Controlling if were made and covered works, elements that should have be reported to the reception before
    • Verifying that did not start the execution of works for which no agreed technology implementation
    • Verifying that the existing conditions make it possible conduct of the works
    • Checking that the right materials are built in a manner compatible with the technology
  • Monitoring, control and supervision of the progress and quality of works carried out by the General Contractor, Subcontractors and other contractors
  • Coordination formal matters and administrative work associated with the investment, eg. Making on behalf of the Investor notification of commencement of works in relevant Authorities and other offices. To organize on behalfof the Investor the handing over the construction site to the General Contractor
  • Working with electronic archiving and communications as recommended by the client. Implementation on site construction procedures and documents related to the management structure (e.g. management of documentation changes, quality control, requests for information, the acceptance of applications for payment, management of GC claims for additional works)
  • Hand over to tenants technical and design information regarding investments and the current schedule. Evaluation and recommendation of a referral to the implementation of the project documentation
  • Control of the contract the General Contractor under the terms of formal legal and factual (control of formal documents, ie. Insurance and guarantees, evaluation reported subcontractors)
  • Implementation on the site construction the Quality Assurance Plan, taking into account the specificity of the object implemented and adopted the technology works. Reporting of results of achieved quality of works and installed materials for the needs of Project Manager and Customer
  • Reconciliation with the General Contractor of the projected works with a possible statement about the need to refine the design solutions and agreeing on technology and how to perform in time to ensure early warning of potential threats to the timely completion of construction
  • Determination of defects in construction works and commissioning of the works after the removal of faults with the confirmation of their removal
  • Ensuring, at the expense of the customer, the participation of specialist supervision required by the relevant institutions, such as in particular compulsory supervision required by institutions associated with the deliveryof media
  • Expressing opinions and presenting the customer to accept the application of the General Contractor on the change in the way of works including changes in materials, machinery and equipment, route alignment, technology
  • Participation in negotiations and preparation of contracts for additional services ordered by the investor as part of the Project. Developing annexes to contracts already concluded for works related to the implementation of the Project
  • Enforcement of preparation by the General Contractor complete as-built documentation, the verification and recommendation to be accepted by the Client as a document of the final acceptance facility, including equipment manuals and warranties
  • Preparation a plan for the commissioning and building hand over
  • Checking the completeness of the final documentation developed by the Contractors
  • Participation in the tests the functionality of the installation and commissioning of equipment and devices
  • Supervision of training employees when it is a contractual obligation of the Contractor
  • Organization on behalf of the Investor and participation in the process of obtaining the using permit, including:
    • Confirmation of the willingness to report the completion of the works to the relevant Authorities in accordance with the Construction Law
    • Participation in the development of the notice of completion of construction and delivery of the application to the relevant Authorities provided in the Construction Law
    • Participation in controls above mentioned Authorities and the coordination of work to do as a result of any observations in the course of final procedures

Construction Management service is designed for customers who decide for the selection of contractors for each package works. Construction Management acts as advisor to the Investor in dealing with designers and contractors. Responsibility in the construction process involves: planning, management, construction costs, determination and adherence to schedules, applying for a building permit and use, to ensure the desired quality of execution, supervision of contractors and security management, control scope and progress, technical and cost supervise construction.

One of the advantages of Construction Management is the absence of General Contractor. It allows for considerably improving cooperation on the line investor-contractor. This means that the CM in agreement with the investor decides the schedule, budget, method of implementation and the selection of subcontractors. This solution improves design quality and shorten the realization of the investment because it is not required full tender documentation to start the investment. The scope of works is sold as packages to individual contractors. In order to start the investment demand design applies only to the specific scope of the construction work (eg. project of the foundations works, reinforced concrete), which enables earlier start of construction work.