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Bank Monitoring

Bank monitoring service is referred to clients, whose building investment is realised with support of bank credit or with financial institution.

This service presumes to control credit risk, minimize possibility of abuse and gives full control of investment finance.

The Bank Monitoring service is provided by people with experience recognized by many operating in our market, banks and financial institutions. We offer:

  • initial analysis of the legal and formal investment’s aspects
  • verification of the budget
  • verification of signed contracts for works
  • analysis schedules of realization and financial schedules
  • a substantive review of financial documents provided by Contractors
  • control of the investment in terms of technical accuracy, compliance schedules, financial continuity and regulatory obligations
  • analysis of the final status of investments for compliance with the design assumptions, the state of formal and legal, financial settlement with suppliers and contractors

Following the execution of these tasks arise Reports for the financial institution (initial report, Interim Reports, Final Report), which are the basis for launching the loan, the payment of each tranche of the loan or the final settlement of investment.